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Niraj... finding beauty in the swamp!

Recently I had the pleasure of driving Niraj (Neer-aj) to the airport in Fort Myers.

Originally from India, Niraj has lived in several US cities and Canada. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and ten year old, twin daughters.

After earning a Bachelors Degree in electrical engineering in India, Niraj came to the United States for further studies, including a Masters in Business Administration. He now works in the television and media industry.

Although Niraj is 40 years old, he has a very youthful look! He credits his good health and vitality to a very disciplined lifestyle. Niraj is up each morning at 5 am and takes time to exercise, read and meditate. He has, furthermore, decided to incorporate a vegan diet.

These disciplines seem to be having excellent results!

His name, Niraj, means lotus flower in India.

His mother specifically selected this name for two primary reasons. First, she thought it to be a beautiful sounding name. But, second, and most importantly, she understood that a lotus flower grows and thrives in a muddy, murky swamp. She realized that life is not always fair, and that although circumstances and surroundings may not be the best, her son would be able to enjoy beauty, joy and hope regardless of his environment or circumstances!

Niraj is definitely living up to his name, and is setting a great example for his daughters and others!

Welcome, Niraj, to Uber Namez!

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