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Jovana... No Regrets!

One evening I had a short trip with Jovana and her friend Megan. They are co-workers who were enjoying a night out at Rusty's in Estero.

Jovana was born and raised in Serbia where she attended high school and began a college course in hotel management. Her studies in the hospitality industry have taken her on a journey to resorts in China, Vermont, and most recently, Naples, Florida.

Jovana enjoys learning various languages and can speak Serbian, French, Spanish and English.

Her life motto is "No regrets... don't ever regret the thing that you didn't do!"

Her name, Jovana, is apparently more common in Serbia and is the Slavic form of Joanna or Johanna.

The name means "God is Gracious" and is pronounced "Yo-vana".

It was a pleasure to meet Jovana and Megan and wish them the best in their career pursuits.

Welcome to Ubernamez!


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