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Mukund (Freedom giver)

This morning I had a most pleasant trip with Mukund!

He is a doctor of gastroenterology and is originally from India. Upon arrival in the USA he lived for a short time in both New York City and Chicago. He came to Fort Myers in 1989 where the climate was much more to his liking.

Although I was not familiar with the name "Mukund", he assured me that it is a common name in India. He told me that Indian children are traditionally named after Hindu Gods. His name is associated with Lord Krishna.

Mukund is very practical when it comes to names. He said, "A name is simply a means of identification." Unique names and spellings of names seemed a bit "over the top" for Mukund. When he selected a name for his own daughter he chose a name that would be appropriate in both American and Indian cultures...Tara!

The most enjoyable aspect of our 20 minute trip was hearing Mukund share his thoughts about capitalism, politics and principles. He seemed to be a man with great wisdom.

Mukund loves the United States and our constitution! He commented that there is not a more truthful and fair country in the world. He lauded the American founders and their desire for freedom with responsibility. He believes that the US Constitution is the most amazing document ever written. Mukund whole-heartedly supports the ideals of a meritocracy and judging others based on their behavior and character.

For a man who is extremely grateful for his freedom, it seems appropriate that his name, Mukund, can also mean "freedom giver" or "liberator"!

It was my great pleasure to meet Mukund!

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