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Mathayus... ready for adventure!

Today I picked us Mathayus and Elice (notice the unique spelling) for a short trip down Highway 41 as they were attempting to avoid the heat.

Mathayus is number 7 of 7 children and has a Columbian/Italian heritage. He was named after his great grandfather, whose last name was Mathayus.

Although he did not know a lot about his name I found that it is extremely rare. Since 2003 only 132 people in the United States has Mathayus as their first name.

It means adventuresome, youthful, and untiring. Mathayus are idealistic who embrace the principles of compassion and forgiveness.

Mathayus are also creative and imaginative that gives them an artistic talent.

From my short time with Mathayus, these insights into the his name certainly seem to fit the man!


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