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LeAndria and Artaejah... The Bonnet Twins!

One evening I had the pleasure of driving these two cousins, LeAndria (Lee-an-dree-ah) and Artaejah (Art-ay-zhah)!

Although they were both born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida, they followed two different paths.

LeAndria attended Cypress Lake High School where she ran track and cross country. She tried cheerleading but quickly realized that she didn't fit in with the "girly girls". She has two young boys and works at a call center.

Artaejah attended Lehigh High School. She has worked as a waitress but recently lost her job, like so many others, due to the Covid-19 crisis. She hopes to get back to work soon.

Both women have unique and lengthy legal names.

LeAndria has a total of five names... a first name, three middle names plus a last name. Her name means "lioness" and comes from Greek origins.

Artaejah also sports five names... a first name, two middle names and two last names. Although I could not find a definitive meaning for her name, I can speculate on a meaning from it's parts. "Arta" has Albanian origins and means "made of gold...the one who brings wealth". The name "Jah" is a shortened form of "God" and is often associated with the Jamaican religion of Rastafarianism.

Wow! These cousins have some amazing names!

They suggested that I title their blog "The Bonnet Twins", as they were wearing matching black caps.

LeAndria and Artaejah were fun and friendly passengers and it is my pleasure to welcome them to Ubernamez.


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