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Deniseee... Triple E

Deniseee (Denice-ee) was born in Fort Myers, Florida but was raised and educated in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was an active high school athlete, who not only played volleyball and basketball, but also loved to dance!

Unfortunately, as a teenager, Deniseee was diagnosed with scoliosis. She underwent a painful back surgery, and with rods in her back and the potential for further physical setbacks, she had to be extremely cautious. She made a conscience decision to stop playing high school sports.

Deniseee turned to other interests and, now back in Fort Myers, began working in a nursing home. As a seventeen year old, she assisted patients with meals, and, over time, has worked her way up the ranks. She currently serves as a resident advisor.

She would like to become a registered nurse and has plans to attend college in the near future.

Deniseee comes from a large family and is the middle of nine children!

Although the name Denise is not that unusual, the triple "e" spelling of Deniseee is unprecedented.

She often goes by the nicknames of "Dee" or "Niece-niece".

Denise is the feminine form of the name Dennis, meaning "follower of Dionysos", referring to the Greek god of wine and celebration.

True to her name, and despite her setbacks, Deniseee is enjoying life with a big smile and a heart of gratefulness.

It was my pleasure to have Deniseee as a passenger and to wish her the best.

Please welcome this fine young woman to the Ubernamez blog!


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