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Codty... Professional Fishing Guide!

One afternoon I had the pleasure to meet Codty (pronounced Cody).

He is a Florida cracker...born and raised here in Fort Myers, Florida.

Codty attended both Cypress Lakes High School and North Fort Myers High.

Soon after graduating Codty went right to work and started his own lawn care business. Over time, and with a little trial and error, he learned about business, serving customers and being financially responsible. As a young man, he owned and operated a successful business!

But Codty also had a strong passion for the outdoors and for fly fishing. Based on this interest and the encouragement of his close friends, Codty began pursuing a new venture that he named "Pierce Backcounty Adventures".

For the past three years Codty has worked as a professional fishing guide with an emphasis on fly fishing.

As a huge Florida history and nature buff, Codty loves teaching and sharing with his clients.

"A day at the office" is now a lot of fun for Captain Codty!

When I asked about the unique spelling of his name, he explained the simple reasoning behind it.

His mother could not decide if she should utilize the letter "d" or "t" in spelling his name. Therefore she determined to utilize them both!

The name "Cody" is derived from the Irish Gaelic surname Mac Odo...son of Odo. Odo is an obsolete name that means "wealthy".

So it seems that Codty's name has served him well. He seems to be a wealthy man from a number of perspectives including contentment, diligence, knowledge and initiative.

One of his favorite quotes is from Mark Twain who wisely said, "Don't ever let your schooling get in the way of your education!"

Please welcome Cotdy to Ubernamez and visit his website at


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