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Yoo'Cece... diligent and dedicated!

When the name "Yoo" appeared for an Uber request I wasn't quite certain what to expect. Was this name an alias, a nickname, an error... or could it possibly be a very unique name perfectly suited for Ubernamez?

As you now realize, it was the latter.

Please meet Yoo'Cece! (Yo-see-see)

Yoo'Cece was born in Jamaica but came to the United States when she was four years old. She was raised in the Orlando area and attended elementary, middle and high school all in close proximity to her home. She actually walked to school everyday!

While going to high school "Yoo" focused most of her time and energy on her studies and work. She was a diligent and valued employee starting out at McDonald's and eventually working at Walmart.

After graduation she made her first "big" move, relocating to Fort Myers in order to attend Florida Southwestern State College. She is currently studying to earn a degree in criminal justice with the ultimate goal of becoming a social worker.

Along with her college studies, Yoo'Cece has continued working. She was first employed at an elder care facility, but has recently transitioned to a position as a delivery driver for FedEx. To her surprise she really enjoys her new position!

Yoo'Cece does not know the origin of her name, but believes that it was uniquely created by her mother.

As I researched the possibilities I found that "yoo" is a slang term for "you". I also found that Cece is a shortened version of Cecelia and means "blind".

When you put the two together the name may mean "You, blind?" your eyes and see this amazingly, wonderful, awesome young lady. What's wrong with you? ... "You blind?"

Whatever the meaning or the origin, Yoo'Cece has an incredibly unique name! It was my pleasure to have her as a passenger and welcome her to Ubernamez!

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