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Isaac... "Changing lives, one snowball at a time!"

I first met Isaac about a year ago at my son's wedding. My new daughter-in-law worked for Isaac at the Pelican's Snowballs located in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

(He also owns a second location toward Fort Myers Beach)

From our first encounter I was impressed with Isaac's joyful enthusiasm. He was excited about life and about his business... Pelican's Snowballs!

"So... What is a Pelican's snowball?" I queried.

That question set Isaac aflame!

With the zest and fervor of a Baptist preacher he began describing the indescribable... the fluffy texture, the thinly shaved ice, the hundreds of flavors, the combinations, the ice cream filling and the absolute deliciousness of his product. It was a snowball like none other... "a snowball on steroids!" he exclaimed.

Isaac was a man who believed in his product, and he was beginning to make a believer out of me! And I had never even tasted a Pelican's snowball!

Several days after this first meeting, while driving Uber near Fort Myers Beach, I stopped at Isaac's beach location on San Carlos Boulevard.

As I stepped up to the window to check out the menu I was greeted by Isaac's huge smile and hearty laugh. As I settled on the butter-beer snowball with ice cream filling, Isaac offered my very first snowball "on the house".

You should have seen his excitement and anticipation as I took my first bite.

The snowball was DELICIOUS!

And Isaac was ECSTATIC!

I was hooked! What a wonderfully delicious treat!

Since that day I have been promoting his business, handing out his discount cards and encouraging Uber passengers to visit Pelican's Snowballs.

And, although Pelican's Snowballs offers hundreds of flavors and combinations, the butter-beer with ice cream filling is still my all-time favorite!

So... Just how did Isaac and his wife, Andrea become Pelican's Snowball entrepreneurs?

Here's the rest of the story!

Isaac was born and raised in south Texas, a stone's throw from the Mexican border. In high school he was a talented athlete who played a variety of sports, but excelled in baseball as a pitcher. After graduation he attended Concordia University Texas and the University of Texas for three years, planning to become a history teacher and a coach. But, just a year from completing his degree, he re-evaluated his future and took a bold step in a totally different direction!

Isaac enrolled in the Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy in Virginia to learn the skills of a seaman.

After completing a six month course he was hired on the crew of a tugboat. As he gained more experience, Isaac eventually became the captain of his own vessel, working diligently on the Chesapeake Bay.

Isaac met his wife-to-be, Andrea, while watching football and vegging out in an empty sports bar. Andrea just happened to stop in to visit a girlfriend who was tending bar that day. They spoke briefly but exchanged phone numbers. With an overwhelming work demand on his tug, Isaac almost lost track of Andrea. But thanks to Andrea's initiative and a phone call, the flame was rekindled. The two began dating and were eventually married.

Unfortunately, life was not easy for the newlyweds. Isaac worked crazy hours and was often away from home for several days. At the same time, Andrea was working a hectic schedule of her own. They were like two ships passing in the night and they needed a change.

One day Isaac was approached by his father-in-law with a business proposition. He had some funds that he was willing to invest, and suggested that they open a franchise together in Florida, where he owned a home and was planning to retire.

After investigating a wide variety of options from "Once Upon a Child" to "Subway", nothing seemed to be a good fit.

While attending a little league baseball game in Pennsylvania, however, the two got their first taste of a Pelican's Snowball. They were both impressed by the quality and taste of the product, and Isaac's father-in-law encouraged Isaac to research this company.

After learning more about Pelican's Snowballs and crunching the numbers, they purchased their first franchise, moved to SW Florida, and opened their business in Lehigh Acres.

Today, with over 200 Pelican's Snowballs locations, Isaac has the top selling franchise in the country! He has since opened a second location on San Carlos Boulevard, and he oversees several other Pelican's Snowball franchises in the area.

Isaac LOVES his work! He is excited to meet new people and develop relationships in the community. His friendly personality and enthusiasm for life are contagious! Isaac's business motto is... "Changing lives, one snowball at a time!"

Life is now such a joy for Isaac and Andrea, and even more so as they have recently been blessed with a newborn daughter!

It is my pleasure to recommend Pelican's Snowballs, and welcome Isaac to the Ubernamez blog!

FYI...My friends Paul and Trina Everhart work with Isaac and own a Pelican's Snowball franchise in North Fort Myers. Visit them at 4150 Hancock Bridge Parkway Unit 32, NFM 33903


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