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Dontavious... the Spartan warrior!

In January, 2020 I received my first Uber request from Dontavious. Since that first trip, he has been a regular passenger and we tend to see each other every few weeks.

His name immediately caught my attention. It has a noble tone that hints of Greek origins. I suggested that he could have easily been one of the 300 Spartan warriors who battled the Persians under the leadership of King Leonidas.

As a newborn, however, he was almost given a totally different name. His parents had originally planned to name him after the famous boxer, Roberto Duran. For some unknown reason they changed direction and chose the name "Dontavious".

Although the meaning of his name is uncertain, some

believe that it actually means "warrior".

Dontavious was born and raised here in Southwest Florida. He attended high school at both Cape Coral High and North Fort Myers. He played defensive tackle on the football team but also enjoyed a variety of sports and activities that included volleyball, tennis, golf, painting and drawing. Dontavious always enjoyed food and attended a trade school where he earned a degree in culinary arts.

He is a man of many interests and experiences!

As a diligent and dedicated employee of Buffalo Wild Wings, he really likes working with people!

Dontavious enjoys traveling and has been to many states in the southeast. Eventually he'd like to see more of our great country. Some day he would also love to visit Puerto Rico, the home of his father's birth.

Dontavious has been a great passenger and I'm excited to welcome him to the Ubernamez blog!

I'm sure to see him again soon!

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