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MacDara... Patron Saint of Seafarers and Fishermen!

When I received the request from MacDara, I naturally thought that this was, most probably, my passenger's last name. But I was soon to be proven wrong. MacDara was, in fact, this young woman's first name!

MacDara was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she comes from a strong Irish family line. She was named after the Irish Saint MacDara, who was also known as the Patron Saint of Seafarers and Fishermen.

As a young girl she and her family actually visited Ireland and Saint MacDara's Island, off the western coast. This 60 acre island is home to a small and simple one-room medieval stone monastery that commemorates Saint MacDara.

Mac is the Irish name for "son" and Dara is the Irish name for "oak", so the literal translation is Son of Oak. Or, in this case, Daughter of Oak!

Along with her unique name came a variety of interesting nicknames. Her older two siblings and her twin brother called her "Dara", but friends and classmates often refer to her as "Mac" or "Micky D".

Because of her deep Irish roots, MacDara began learning the art of Irish step dance at the age of five. She was a member of a traveling team throughout her youth and into high school. Although focused on dance and academics, MacDara was also a member of her school's inaugural rowing team!

After graduating from high school she attended Purdue

University where she earned a degree in Law and Society. Initially, her goal was to become a lawyer, and right out of college she landed a position with a law firm in Chicago. But, she did not enjoy the work and soon realized that her law career would be short lived.

MacDara decided to pack her bags, move back to Pittsburgh, and join the family's electrical contracting business.

Back home and working with family, she has served as their marketing director for the past ten years!

Along with her work, MacDara enjoys painting and writing! She is currently midway through her first novel!

Her greatest thrill and love in life, however, is raising and spending time with her three year old son!

It was my great pleasure to have MacDara as my passenger. Please welcome her to Ubernamez!

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