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Raed and Zohyra... Congratulations newlyweds!

Raed (Ray-ed or Rye-ed) and his wife Zohyra are a young couple visiting Southwest Florida from Chicago. They both grew up in the Chicago area and were introduced to each other through relatives. They just recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

Raed, also known as Ray, is a professional truck driver and operates large tractor trailers in northern Illinois. He is also a big fan of all Chicago sports teams, and the Bears in particular.

Zohyra is a kindergarten teacher at a Montessori school. She loves her students but also enjoys art, makeup, painting and sculpting.

Raed is an Arabic name the means "leader", "pioneer", "guide" or "pathfinder". This is definitely an appropriate name for a young husband and a driver!

Zohyra is also an Arabic name. It could mean "a gift from God", or it may be a form of the word "zohra" which means "blossom".

So, her name too, is perfect! She is a gift from God to her husband, and they enjoy a love that continues to blossom!

It was my pleasure to meet such a fine young couple, who both happen to have very unique names.

Please welcome them to Ubernamez!



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