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Domenic Policicchio III... a name for the ages!

Typically when I get an Uber request, I only see the first name associated with the account. But recently, in order to enter a gated community, I received a text from a passenger that included his last name. And what an awesome name it is!

Meet Domenic Policicchio III and his friend Naomi.

Domenic (Pol-eh-cheek-ee-o) comes from a very long line of Domenic Policicchios. He is able to trace his name back many generations... father, grandfather, great grandfather and beyond... and is hopeful that one day he will have a son of his own to keep the family tradition intact.

His name comes from a strong Italian, Roman Catholic heritage.

The name Domenic means "belonging to the Lord" and is derived from the Latin word "dominus" meaning "head, sovereign, lord, patron, or organizer".

Domenic was named well, as he has a degree in business management from Walsh College and has a background in business and corporate development. He is a leader in both business and in his Michigan community.

Dominec enjoys travel, and has a beautiful golden retriever named Mozie.

Although our trip was extremely short and we had little time to chat, it was my pleasure to meet Domenic and Naomi.

This is also my first blog highlighting an awesome last name... Policicchio... a name for the ages!

Please welcome Domenic Policicchio III to the Ubernamez blog!

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