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Reina... newest Queen of SoHo!

Reina (Rain-a) was born and raised in Montana... the big sky country! Living in a cold, snowy climate and near the mountains, winter sports and skiing have always been a part of her life. As soon as her school day ended the bus would take her directly to the slopes where Reina became a skilled skier and snowboarder.

During her senior year of high school, however, a family move brought her to Southwest Florida with her parents and younger sister. It was a major culture and climate shock!

As the "new kid in town", she kept to herself and didn't get involved in high school clubs or activities.

After graduation, Reina moved to Orlando and earned an AA degree from Valencia College. She'd like to continue her education and eventually become a nurse practitioner. She has a dream to, one day, open her own small business serving children and families.

Over the past several years, Reina has worked as a waitress and a bartender. When I arrived for the Uber trip, she had just completed her first shift at the Social House in downtown Fort Myers.

Reina's unique name is a gift from her father's Spanish heritage. The name has Spanish origins and means "Queen". In the United States this beautiful name has gained popularity since 2014.

It was a pleasure to have Reina, the "newest Queen of SoHo", as a passenger. Please welcome her to the Ubernamez blog!

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