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Dajour... AKA Ketchup!

I met Dajour in downtown Fort Myers after he completed a shift working at The Lodge restaurant. He is the "Grill Master" at this popular barbecue eatery and sports bar.

Born in New Jersey, Dajour and his family moved to Fort Myers when he was just four years old. Thanks to his parents, who were high school sweethearts and both very athletic, he was raised in a culture where sports were encouraged and enjoyed.

At Riverdale High School he tried his hand at a variety of sports, but eventually found his success in wrestling and lacrosse.

Although Dajour had a reputation as an athlete and enjoys the competition, his true passion is in the culinary arts. As a high school student, however, he realized that the most popular kids were not chefs and bakers, they were athletes!

So, for a long time, this interest was pushed to the side.

Since his school days, Dajour has worked diligently in the food industry. He still has a dream to, one day, attend a famous culinary school in Miami.

Not only does Dajour have a unique name and interests, but he also has a twin brother, with a similar name! His brother is Dajon! One aunt enjoys teasing the twins and always calls them "ketchup" and "mustard". When Dajour asked, "Who is who?" she exclaimed, "Dajon (dijon) is definitely mustard, so that makes you the ketchup!"

Dajour still loves sports and follows a variety of professional teams including the Boston Celtics, New Orleans Saints, New York Mets, and San Jose Sharks!

During our trip we enjoyed listening to the final, exciting minutes of a thrilling football game. It ended with a 17 to 16 victory for the Buffalo Bills!

It was a pleasure having Dajour as a passenger.

Welcome to Ubernamez!

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