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Lachlan... Aussie Rules!

Late last night while driving from Tampa to Fort Myers on I-75 I received a trip request that was more than 20 miles away! Under normal conditions I would never accept such a trip but it was still taking me toward my destination... so I was on my way to meet my latest Ubernamez guest!

Lachlan (Lock-lin) was a tall, strapping young man of 34 years who was enjoying a night out with friends and teammates.

Originally from Australia, he has lived for three years in Denver, Colorado where he works expanding an Australian solar company.

Lachlan is an athlete who plays Aussie Rules Football, also known as "Footy". This is an extremely physical game played on a massive oval field with 18 players and 4 subs. It is played without pads, and combines the skills of soccer, basketball and American football.

(Goggle "Aussie Rules Football" to learn more)

It was actually a Footy tournament that brought Lachlan to the area, along with his parents and younger brother.

Lachlan, and Australians in general, love to have fun and live life to its fullest! He has three young nieces in Australia that he'd love to bring to the United States and take to Disney in Orlando.

Lachlan is engaged to an American Youtube celebrity and he is super excited about getting married. He loves children and is ready to start a family of his own!

The name Lachlan is a Scottish name that means "land of lakes" or "warlike" (referring to the Vikings).

His friends in the states love his name, and a couple have even given the name Lachlan to their newborn sons!

It was a pleasure to meet such a fun-loving and energetic young man! Please welcome Lachlan to the Ubernamez blog!

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