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Amina... Loyal through and through!

Amina (A-mee-na) is a real life, bonafide Floridian; born and raised right here in Fort Myers!

She attended Fort Myers High School where she played cello in the school orchestra.

After graduation, Amina wanted to travel and experience the breadth and width of our great country. She moved to the mountains of North Carolina, near Asheville, where she enrolled in a wilderness survival course. Amina admitted that although she definitely prefers the modern day conveniences, it was rewarding to overcome challenges and learn new skills.

From North Carolina, Amina journeyed west, relocating to Southern California. She absolutely loved it!

Unfortunately the high cost of living and other setbacks brought her to the realization that Florida, and home, had its benefits.

Now, back in SW Florida, Amina has been working diligently, serving as a waitress.

As an avid dog lover, with a strong desire to help others, Amina has a dream of one day becoming a professional service-dog trainer.

Although Amina was born in Florida, her mother is from New Jersey and her father is from Algeria.

Her unique name has Arabic origins and is a reflection of her father's Algerian heritage. The name "Amina" means loyal, trustworthy, faithful and reliable.

What a wonderful name to live up to!

It was my pleasure to have Amina as a passenger.

Please welcome her to the Ubernamez blog!

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