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Tyna... Pronounced "Praiseworthy"!

When the name Tyna appear on my Uber app I immediately began considering the possible pronunciations.

After thoughtful consideration, I determined the most probable selection and greeted my passenger with a hearty, "Good evening, Tina!"

She chuckled at my attempt, but admitted that "no one gets it right".

And why, you might ask?

Because the pronunciation of her name defies logic!

Her name is pronounced "Tonya"!

That's right!

Teachers, friends, co-workers, relatives, along with a myriad of others have gotten it wrong her entire life. And I'm certain that some have tried to convince her that she is definitely NOT Tonya. Regardless of these attempts, that doesn't change the reality that Tyna (according to her mother) is

pronounced "Tonya"!

With Russian origins, the name Tonya means "praiseworthy". You will soon realize that she lives up to her name!

Originally from Illinois, Tyna worked in New York City for several years as a fashion design professional. Thanks to a new career in the Chico's organization, however, she eventually relocated to Southwest Florida.

With a desire to escape the corporate "rat-race" and to follow their own passions, Tyna and her husband, Andrew, opened Remedies Parlor in downtown Fort Myers on Thompson Street.

It's a unique little shop with a wide variety of offerings that include home furnishings, antiques, apothecary, jewelry, wine, beer, bubbles and an outdoor garden. They also host a variety of special events that highlight vegan foods, along with music and spirits.

As we enjoyed pleasant conversation, it was revealed that Tyna actually knows my oldest daughter! They have conducted some business events together and have shops in historic Gardner's Park.

What a small world!

It was my pleasure to meet Tyna, Andrew and their friend!

Please welcome them to the Ubernamez blog!

pronounced Tonya!

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