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Michael Wally Walters... Keeping the name alive!

One evening while driving in the downtown district of Cape Coral, I picked up a most interesting passenger. He was a well dressed, older gentleman who had just completed a comedy performance at the Cape Cabaret.

Michael Wally Walters is from Olympia, Washington and has been a comedian for 38 years! In 2011, after battling cancer and finding himself bald, people began telling him that he looked like Don Rickles. With this encouragement, Micheal began a diligent study of this legendary comedian. He determined that he had the skills and physical appearance to present a quality impersonation.

Combining his own rapid style and Don's acerbic wit, the Don Rickles Tribute Show was born.

Prior to Don's death in 2017, Michael had several opportunities to personally meet Don Rickles!

The last time they met, Don encouraged Michael to "keep his name alive" and honor his memory as a tribute performer.

As a friendly, talented and successful comedian, Michael has been traveling extensively for the past six years doing just that! He has performed throughout the United States and Canada, but has also entertained our troops in Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq.

He is a THE Don Rickles tribute comedian!

Although Michael is typically a solo act, he occasionally works with another performer and, together, they share a tribute comedy act featuring both "Don Rickles" and "Dean Martin".

It was my pleasure to meet Michael Wally Walters and welcome him to the Ubernamez blog!

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