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Noemi... Diligence pays off!

One evening I received a trip request from a person with the unique name, "Noemi". My initial thought was that it was a typographical error and that the name was intended to be "Naomi".

I quickly came to find out that I was wrong and that her name was, indeed, Noemi!

She and her husband were a fun-loving couple headed out for a night on the town!

Noemi's parents immigrated to the United States from Puerto Rico, but she was born in Detroit, Michigan as a member of a large and growing family. She is the fifth of eight siblings and has three sisters and four brothers!

They each were given Biblical names and, as you might expect, "Noemi" is the Spanish

form of "Naomi". She definitely exemplifies her name, which literally means "pleasantness", or "my delight".

Because her family moved quite often, her siblings were born in a least three different states including Michigan, Illinois, and Louisiana. Noemi attended thirteen different schools before eventually graduating from Fort Myers High School.

Noemi has been a person known for her strong work ethic. Throughout her high school years, she always had part time jobs that took up the majority of her spare time. This diligence paid off as she continued her education at Florida Southwestern State College and later earned a degree from South Florida University.

She now serves as a pediatric nurse practitioner and has lived in Fort Myers for thirty years!

Wow! She's proved, once again, that hard work and good character are vital keys to success and happiness!

Noemi and her husband have two teenage daughters. Their eldest is beginning her freshman year at a college on the east coast.

Noemi enjoys the great outdoors, and is an avid and enthusiastic fisher-woman.

It was my pleasure to have Noemi and her husband as passengers!

Please welcome them to Ubernamez!

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