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CaraGrace... "first in flight!"

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting CaraGrace and her two friends.

Although it would be a very short trip, I'm grateful that she quickly and heartily accepted my invitation to the blog.

CaraGrace was born and raised in Kentucky and is currently a college student at Eastern Kentucky University. She has a heart for people and would like to serve in the arena of drug and substance abuse rehabilitation.

Her unique name is a reflection of this desire to demonstrate kindness, mercy and love to others.

The first part of her name, Cara, is Italian and means "dear" or "beloved". The name Grace come from Latin origins and speaks to God's favor and love toward mankind. Grace was a special name that her Catholic mother had always cherished.

The combination of these names definitely make it very special.

"CG", as some friends call her, is a low maintenance gal.

Her favorite foods include hot dogs and good old macaroni and cheese! When eating out she's careful with her money and keeps her expenses to a minimum.

CaraGrace just experienced her very first airline flight en route to Southwest Florida! You might say she was "first in flight"! While in the area she plans to visit friends, enjoy the beach and also attend a wedding.

It was my pleasure to have CaraGrace and her friends as passengers. Please welcome her to the Ubernamez family!

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