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Zii... Zee... or Ziad!

One evening I received a trip request from "Zii".

With him were two other passengers, his girlfriend Kara, and their friend, Alexandria.

I was definitely interested in hearing more about Zii's unique name and inviting him to the blog, but there was one challenging hurdle to overcome.

And that hurdle was Zii's wit and humor!

While I was trying to get to know him and conduct a casual interview, he was constantly responding with funny anecdotes and sarcasm.

Getting a serious, candid answer was not going to be easy. I really needed to focus during our conversation, attempting to gather some pertinent information along the way.

I did learn that he was originally from Canada and when I asked what brought him to Southwest Florida, he quickly joked, "I believe it was an Air Canada 737!" get a small sampling of Zii's quick wit.

Thankfully, Kara came to the rescue. She explained that growing up in Canada, Zii had suffered from extreme migraine headaches. When he began visiting Florida with his family, he noted that his headaches drastically abated. The southern climate seemed good for his health!

With the encouragement, blessing and financial under-girding of his father, Zii launched a graphics design business and moved to Southwest Florida.

Zii and Kara, a Fort Myers attorney, met through an internet website and have been together for several years.

Although Zii wouldn't readily admit his sentiments or commitment, it definitely seems that "love is in the air"!

Their two, opposing personality types worked well together and it seems that opposites really do attract!

As a Canadian, Zee is an avid hockey fan. He plays competitively in the men's hockey league at Hertz arena, and also travels to compete in tournaments outside of Fort Myers.

Zii's Uber name is a reflection of his whimsical personality.

His real name is Ziad, but he goes by "Zee".

Because of the unusual spelling and pronunciation of the popular Wii computer game, he decided to incorporate it in the spelling of his Uber name, "Zii".

Zee comes from an Iranian heritage and the name Ziad is Arabic. Used by both Muslims and Christians his name literally means "more", "greater" or "abundance".

This is an appropriate name as Ziad's wit, business and relationships appear to be expanding.

He is traveling more and more with his growing business, developing his relationship with Kara, and loving life along the way!

Zee and his friends were a lot of fun, and I enjoyed having them as passengers.

Please welcome Zii... Zee... or Ziad to Ubernamez!

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