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Majella... Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers and Unborn Children!

Late one evening while waiting in the queue at the Fort Myers Airport, I received an Uber request from Majella. As she entered the car, she informed me that several drivers had cancelled, so it was my good fortune to have her as a passenger!

Based on her unique name, I was excited for the opportunity!

Her name has an interesting and supernatural history. Majella was named by her grandmother, a devout Catholic. The name comes from Saint Gerard Majella of Italy. He apparently performed several miracles including raising a boy from the dead, multiplying bread, levitating, and saving a baby and his mother. He had a reputation of extreme piety. Catholics consider Saint Majella as the Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers and Unborn Children.

What an amazing name, and a beautiful gift from her grandmother! A name that will always remind her that life is (and she is) sacred, precious, God-given, fragile and miraculous...worth protecting and cherishing.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Majella is the youngest of four children. She was a high school scholar and athlete who played both soccer and lacrosse. As a big fan of Southeastern Conference athletics, Majella decided to continue her education at the University of South Carolina. Here she could enjoy SEC sports but also have an opportunity to experience southern living and enjoy a warmer climate.

She is currently a sophomore majoring in psychology.

Majella is visiting Southwest Florida to spend time with her family during spring break.

It was my pleasure to meet such a friendly and engaging young lady with an amazing name!

It's a beautiful name that forever connects her to family, history, and faith.

Majella excitedly accepted my invitation to the blog.

I am so grateful she did!

Please welcome Majella to the Ubernamez family!

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