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Liam... A "red-hot fuzzy" for you!

Liam is a 13 year old boy from Portland, Maine. He recently came to Southwest Florida with his mother, Lisa, during his school spring break.

His name, Liam, is NOT extremely unique, but thanks to a Hollywood actor his name is now one of the most popular boy names in the United States. It has been number 1 or 2 on the baby boy names list since 2013.

Prior to it's recent popularity, his name was selected because of his mother's Irish heritage. It is interesting to note that "Liam" represents a combination of his parents' names, LIsA and tiM.

Irish in origin, Liam is a shortened version of the name William. It means "resolute protection" or "strong-willed warrior and protector".

A fine name, though it be, I did not invite Liam to the Ubernamez blog because he had a unique name.

He was invited because he was such an ENGAGING young man with a variety of notable CHARACTER strengths!

While loading luggage into the trunk, I was impressed with Liam's character and personality from the start.

Unlike other young men his age, Liam was very engaging and attentive. He noticed little things that others overlooked, including my personalized license plate. He initiated conversation and asked thoughtful questions about me and my family. He looked me in the eye and took a genuine interest.

During forty-five minutes of lively conversation I learned that Liam enjoyed drawing and also building Legos. He seemed to have a strength in the arena of creativity.

He mentioned that he had many close friends but had a hard time deciding if he actually had a "best' friend. This didn't really surprise me as I know that the best way to make a friend is to BE a friend. I could see that Liam was friendly, sincere and personable.

Liam seems to know the direction he'd like to take in life. He stated that when he gets older he'd like to direct a movie, get married, have three children, and grow a mustache!

This boy is a diligent goal setter!

After identifying the character traits of attentiveness, initiative, creativity, sincerity and diligence, I asked his mother, "What character quality do you most admire in your son?" Her answer surprised me as she mentioned a different quality than those I had already noted.

"Liam", she replied, "is extremely sensitive toward his family, classmates and friends. He really cares about others!"


This young man really impressed me!

I couldn't help but like him!

Both Liam and Lisa spoke highly of the Breakwater School where Liam attends. Not only has he been challenged to develop his own character, but also to uplift his fellow students. At Breakwater, students and teachers are encouraged to give and receive what they term "warm fuzzies". These are specific compliments that highlight the wise and kind words, actions, and attitudes that are seen throughout the school day. Liam shared several examples of some"warm fuzzies" that he remembered.

Congratulations to the Breakwater School for implementing a practical way to teach, praise and motivate good character!

(Note: I visited the Breakwater website and read a testimonial from Lisa concerning a special class trip to Mt. Cardigan, NH. This trip was one of Liam's favorite school memories.)

Liam's mother, Lisa, is an interesting person in her own right. She is an author, and has several published novels. I could see that she and her husband had invested a lot of time with their son and had provided a great example for Liam to follow. As the old saying goes, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

I wouldn't see Liam and Lisa for more than a week, but then I had the privilege to drive them to the airport for their return trip to Maine.

Liam had an exciting, new and creative surprise!

Although he enjoyed visiting his grandmother and aunts, and he took advantage of the sunshine, beach and the pool, Liam invested some time into his creative drawings.

He had the idea of starting a new comic book and creating his own characters and stories. He would call it "Mystic Comics"! Then, in great detail, he began explaining the characters with all of their powers, and even their backstories.

One character, Captain Charger, could emit an electric charge from her fingertips, but only enough to charge her cellphone. Her powers wouldn't destroy you, but they could provide a serious headache.

Other characters included Tank, No Bones Man, Leaks, Overload, Monopod and Hobo. He meticulously described each one and then showed me his drawings.

They were amazing!

One day, fifteen years from now, I won't be surprised to see Liam's name on the cover of a Mystic Comic Book, or to hear that he has directed a movie, is married, has three children, and sports a bushy mustache!

Please welcome Liam, a young man of character, and the youngest member of the Ubernamez family!

Here is one giant, "red-hot fuzzy" for you!

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