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Lindsay and Michelle... Just plain Vanilla!

Lindsay and Michelle are best of friends who were both born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida. They attended Heights Elementary School, where they first met and got to know one another. Throughout their elementary, middle and high school years they maintained a close relationship.

After graduating from Cypress Lake High School, these young ladies were separated for the first time, selecting different career paths.

Lindsay attended college and received a degree in Art. She now works as an art curator at Florida Southwest College's Rauschenberg Gallery.

After high school Michelle went right to work at a doctor's office in Fort Myers where she has become a mainstay for 15 years! From what I understand, she basically runs this particular office and is a dedicated employee.

Michelle loves sports and is a big fan of LeBron James and the Miami Dolphins.

As life-long friends, Michelle served as the maid of honor at Lindsay's wedding. And, as you might expect, it has been predetermined that Lindsay will be Michelle's maid of honor, when the time comes.

These friends are constantly amazed at all they share in common, even to the point of their pet dogs getting sick at exactly the same time.

It was a joy for me to meet such dedicated friends. Their close-knit relationship reminded me of the lyrics of an old Amy Grant song..."And if you find a love that's tender, if you find someone who's true. Thank the Lord, He's been doubly good to you."

It is my pleasure to share the story of their unique friendship and welcome Lindsay and Michelle to the Ubernamez blog.

You may have noticed that the names Lindsay and Michelle don't necessarily fit the Ubernamez criteria. But their life-long friendship and loyalty is definitely something unique and worth celebrating!

When I first told them about the blog they were disappointed that their names were so common. They lamented, "We are just plain vanilla!" As I chuckled at their comment, I immediately responded, "But vanilla is a wonderful flavor! Everyone is special in some way!"

As we continued to chat I found a real treasure in a friendship that may have seemed ordinary...or "just plain vanilla" to them.

In reality, God has been doubly good to you!

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