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Sinem... "talking Turkey"

Last night, while driving in downtown Fort Myers, I received a trip request from an elegant and intriguing woman.

As you might expect, her name, Sinem, caught my attention before she even entered the vehicle. As we began to converse, however, my interest increased as I heard an accent that was totally new to me.

Sinem (pronounced like "cinema" without the "a") was born and raised in Turkey, but has lived in London, England for the past twelve years. Her accent is a pleasant combination of British and Turkish.

She is a career gal with a Master's degree in Business Administration and she has traveled extensively with her work.

For many years she was employed with a large software developer, but has recently joined the Gartner Corporation.

She is visiting Southwest Florida to complete some intensive training for her new position. Working internationally, Sinem will be assisting businesses and corporations by introducing various technologies and IT products.

We enjoyed a great trip and candid conversation while getting to know each other. You might even say that we were "talking Turkey"!

When I asked about the meaning and origin of her name, she immediately replied that "Sinem" is a Turkish name that literally means "my heart".

It is my great pleasure to welcome Sinem (My first passenger from Turkey) to the Ubernamez blog!

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