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Jay... "You've got to know when to hold 'em!"

Jay is a laid back, 23 year old, that I picked up one night on Fort Myers Beach.

From his strong English accent, it was obvious that Jay wasn't originally from Southwest Florida. He was visiting the area from his home in London, England!

During our short trip he mentioned that he had been to the United States many times and was a frequent traveler throughout Europe and North America.

As I asked about his background and occupation, he stated that he was a professional poker player!

Now, that definitely caught my attention! And even though his name didn't meet the criteria for the Ubernamez blog, I had never met anyone quite like Jay.

He was so young!

And he played poker for a living!

That's crazy!

I had to invite him to the blog and tell his story!

Jay's parents had intended for him to attend University and study math. But when Jay was 13 years old, he and some friends purchased a poker set and began learning the game.

He loved it, and began honing his skills by playing poker with his friends and also playing on-line. He realized that he was pretty good player and had a real knack for the game.

As you might imagine, Jay's parents were extremely disappointed to hear that their son decided to forego University for the poker table. But, as he's proven his abilities, and is actually earning a living through poker, their skepticism has mellowed.

So, at the ripe old age of 23, Jay has become a successful professional poker player and also a writer for the the award winning magazine, Bluff. (A European magazine dedicated to the game of poker.)

The name "Jay" is an English name (how appropriate) that means "to rejoice". And I'm certain that as his poker winnings accumulate Jay and his parents will definitely be rejoicing!

Please welcome Jay, the London poker pro, to Ubernamez!

And remember the immortal advice from Kenny Rogers... "You've got to know when to hold 'em!"


In no way is Ubernamez promoting or encouraging gambling. Rather, I am sharing the real life stories of interesting and unique individuals who I find intriguing and have caught my attention while driving for Uber.

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