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Maria and Maria... "Thank you Grandma!"

One afternoon I had the pleasure of driving three young ladies to Walmart. They introduced themselves as Maria (who placed the Uber request), Felix and Lalia.

Each of these gals had a certain uniqueness about them.

Lalia's name was supposed to be Dalia, but thanks to her father, who misspelled her name, she was accidentally named "Lalia". It is a beautiful Spanish name, however, and means "well spoken" or "eloquent".

Although I did not recognize it at first, Maria and Felix are identical twins! They graduated from Cypress Lake High School where they both excelled in the Arts.

Maria has a goal of becoming a chocolatier! She would love to work with the Norman Love Chocolate Company. Her artsy sister, Felix, wants to become a professional artist. She has already been accepted to an art school in Kansas City, Missouri!

Both girls are active in the work force, diligently saving money to go to college and chase their dreams.

As I inquired about their names I was in for a big surprise! Both Maria and Felix were named after their grandmothers. One from each side of the family.

Ironically, both grandmothers bore the name "Maria"!

These identical twins, in reality, had the same name...Maria!

But to avoid confusion, one of the twins was called by her middle name, Felix. about that?!?!

Identical twins...both named Maria!

And named after two special grandmothers who were also named Maria!

On the Ubernamez blog, it just doesn't get better than that!

Please welcome Lalia, Maria and Maria to Ubernamez!

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