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Kashari... future FMPD detective!

Kashari is a very joyful and friendly young passenger. I've had the pleasure to be her Uber driver on more than one occasion.

As a senior at Cypress Lake High School, she was once an athlete who played basketball and ran on the track team.

But at age 16 she entered the work force as a motivated and diligent employee. She is currently holding down three jobs, determined to save some money!

She has been an associate of Publix supermarket for three years and has been working her way up the ranks. She is one of the youngest employees to be considered for a promotion to the customer service department!

Along with Publix, Kashari works at Wendy's, and a retail clothing store. She seems to be constantly on the go as she strives, with determination, to achieve her dreams.

Ultimately, Kashari plans to attend the Police Academy and pursue a career in law enforcement. She'd like to serve as a detective with the Fort Myers Police Department.


I was totally shocked when this petite and mild mannered young woman shared this lofty goal.

But, I don't doubt her in the least!

I believe that she has the work ethic, attitude and character to succeed! And she is definitely on her way!

Kashari comes from a very large family with many step sisters and step brothers. Her name was created by her mother, who combined two of her favorite names to form something special for her daughter.

And she did a good job!

As I searched the internet for more information about the name "Kashari", it became evident that this is a very rare and unique name. One website, however, suggested that the name can mean a person who is "strong, happy, and graceful".

I would definitely concur that these three words accurately describe my passenger!

It is my pleasure to welcome future FMPD detective, Kashari, to Ubernamez and to wish her the very best!

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