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Jayme...the new bionic woman!

From time to time I actually meet real, live, native Floridians.

Jayme is one of them, and the unique spelling of her name caught my attention.

From Fort Myers Beach, FL. Jayme grew up an avid runner and was a three time, 5K winner on the beach. She worked for many years as a meat cutter at Publix, but eventually got burned out by all the hours and the demanding schedule. She really wanted to spend more time with her children.

So, three years ago she made a change and started serving tables at the Olive Garden. It's been a good transition and she is now moving up into a management position.

Jayme has two kids, a 17 year old daughter and a 15 year old son. Just recently has decided to home school her son.

Jayme's name comes from one of her mother's favorite TV shows back in the 70's... The Bionic Woman! Jamie Sommers was the fictional character who took on high-risk government missions using her superhuman bionic powers. Now Jayme, the new bionic woman, uses her superhuman strength and energy as a parent, teacher, server, supervisor and provider!

She's pretty certain that she comes from an Irish, French and Cherokee Indian heritage, but she is excited to utilize one of the new DNA tests to find out more about her family history.

Jayme describes herself as a fun-loving Florida Beach gal, raising two great kids!

Please welcome Jayme to Ubernamez!

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