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Catalina... a fun-loving Florida gal!

Recently I had the pleasure of driving Catalina and three of her friends from downtown Fort Myers to Fort Myers Beach. They were enjoying the evening together and excited to celebrate the birthday of their dear friend, Stephanie!

Catalina is a fun-loving, beach blonde, Florida gal who is originally from Fort Lauderdale. She is extremely active and currently wears a variety of "hats". While attending Florida Southwestern State College, she also serves as a nanny for three young children and often works weekends as a hostess on private yachts!

Wow! I'm not certain how she keeps up with all her responsibilities! But she seems to do it with a big smile and lots of enthusiasm!

Catalina's unique name comes from the Island of Santa Catalina, off the southern coast of California. This small island is known for it's wildlife, dive sites and Mt. Orizaba, it's highest peak. Santa Catalina Island also happens to be one of her mother's favorite vacation destinations.

Thanks to her mom, that's how Catalina secured her beautiful name.

Catalina is a Spanish name that means "pure".

From my short time of speaking with Catalina I definitely sensed a heart of pure joy, pure enthusiasm, and pure fun! She's the friendly type of person who brings warm sunny weather with her, wherever she goes!

It was my pleasure to meet Catalina and her friends.

Please welcome Catalina to Ubernamez!

PS HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY, Stephanie!!!

(She's the lovely young lady on the right)

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