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Annie...ABC-7 UBER reporter!

Yesterday I received a telephone call from Annie Hubbell, a reporter and weekend news anchor for ABC-7 in Fort Myers. She was reporting about a new safety feature being launched by UBER. It's a "panic button" that allows drivers and passengers to contact 911 in case of emergencies, or if someone feels threatened or in danger during an UBER trip.

It is currently being tested in Naples.

Annie was interested in a driver's perspective and was wondering if I'd be up for a short interview.

I agreed and we met in my neighborhood about 15 minutes after the phone call.

The interview went well thanks to Annie's easy going manner, joyful spirit and enthusiasm. We enjoyed a great conversation and got to know each other a little bit.

Annie is a Florida gal who grew up in the Tampa area. After high school she attended Auburn University where she earned her undergraduate degree. For the past three years she has worked in broadcasting here in Fort Myers.

Annie enjoys sports and particularly the game of tennis.

The name "Annie" means gracious or favored one. And from our short time together this certainly seems to accurately describe this young professional.

It was my pleasure to meet Annie and invite her as an honorary guest of Ubernamez!

BTW...the story turned out great!

Use this link and check it out.

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