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Ivory... a lovely "People Person"!

Ivory and her partner, Michael, were visiting Fort Myers from Sarasota. They came down specifically to attend a Red Sox spring training game and now were ready for a night on the town!

Michael is a middle school teacher and also a huge Red Sox fan. Thanks to him, Ivory has become a big fan, too

Born overseas, Ivory traveled a lot as a young child. She has two younger brothers, and she loves being around people. Because of the crowds and constant activity, New York City is one of her favorite places to visit.

Ivory is definitely a "people person"!

When Ivory was born her parents had originally planned to utilize a very Italian name for their precious daughter. But, as fate would have it, their baby girl had a rather severe case of jaundice. Because of the yellowed tint of the skin, her mother decided to name her "Ivory".

Her name means "white or purity" and reflects the creamy white color of an elephant's tusk.

Although rare, the name Ivory has gained in popularity since 2010.

It was my delight to meet Ivory and Michael.

Please welcome them to Ubernames!

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