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Dyan... "It's my birthday!"

When the name "Dyan" appeared on the trip request I immediately associated it with names like Dylan and Duane, and was anticipating a male passenger.

I was a bit surprised when several gals entered the car and I was informed that the name was actually pronounced "Diane"!

I had never seen that spelling before!

The ladies were headed to the Buddha Rock Club in celebration of Dyan's 27th birthday.

Originally from Missouri, Dyan grew up in a rural area near Kansas City. Her family actually raised chickens and she had a great dog named Canoli.

Now living in Fort Myers, Dyan, serves as a waitress at Longhorn Steakhouse. She is also studying to become a respiratory therapist at Florida Southwest University.

Lady Gaga is Dyan's favorite performer and singer. She is a big fan! further celebrate her birthday, she will be flying to Kansas City next week to see Lady Gaga live, in concert! How fun!!!

Not 100% certain of how she got her name, Dyan believes that she was named after a character in a movie, possibly played by actress Dyan Cannon.

Regardless of her names origins, the name actually means "divine". What an awesome name to live up to!

Dyan is an enthusiastic young lady with some great friends, a bright future, and a unique name!

Welcome to Uber Namez!

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