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Donato... a modern-day Renaissance man!

Recently I enjoyed a quick trip with Donato as he was headed for work and a night shift at a local RacTrac.

Donato was born and raised here in Fort Myers and attended high school at East Lee High. Although he maintained a low profile in high school, he really enjoys music and has learned to play the guitar, drums and even the saxaphone!

Since graduation Donato has worked at both Publix and RacTrac. He is currently taking gun safety classes and is interested in a career as an armed security officer, possibly with Brinks.

He loves to help people and has a big heart for service!

Donato was named after his father. This is an Italian name that means "given".

During the Renaissance the name "Donato" was very popular. Two famous artisans, the sculpture Donato di Niccolo di Bette Bardi, and the architect Donato Bramante share this unique name.

Please welcome Donato to Ubernamez!

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