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Narella... she is a "bright one"!

Two of my recent passengers were Narella and Frederico. They were excited to get away from the day to day work routine and enjoy a night of relaxation on Fort Myers Beach.

They are both diligent and valued employees at Che Tito's Steak House in North Fort Myers, where they serve an Argentinian cuisine.

Narella and Frederico have a common heritage with roots in Argentina.

Narella was born and raised in Argentina to a predominantly Italian family. She mentioned that in her native country there is a very strong European influence. She has been in the United States for about two years and has learned to speak fluent English.

Her unique name has Greek origins and means "bright one" or "from the sea".

Based on her bubbly, joyful and enthusiastic personality, along with her move from Argentina to Florida, she definitely lives up to her name.

She is a "bright one" who is "from the sea"!

Outside of her work at Che Tito's, Narella enjoys skiing, rock climbing and an interesting form of hockey that is played on roller skates.

I enjoyed a very fun trip with Narella and Frederico!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome them to Ubernamez!

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