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Kesner... "Split Image"

Often while driving Uber, I take the opportunity to run some of my personal errands. Recently while seeking information on a product at Sam's Club I had the pleasure of meeting Kesner.

He is a store manager who proved to be very helpful, friendly and professional.

His unique name immediately caught my attention, but after a short time of dialogue I realized that he also had an amazing story!

Kesner is originally from the Bahamas but eventually found his way to SW Florida where he graduated from Gulf Coast High School. He LOVES music!

Kesner is a twin! He along with his twin brother, Kesney, sing together as "Split Image". And although this is currently a weekend gig they've actually signed a contract with a popular record label!

I'm not personally a fan of driving rap or loud, boisterous rock-n-roll, but "Split Image" has an easy listening Hip Hop sound that is pretty impressive. They just released a new music video titled "Dishonest".

Some of their other work can be found on YouTube, so check it out!

The name Kesner was originally a German surname. It denoted the proprietorship of an estate or influence within a village, and rose to prominence through the family's involvement in the social and cultural affairs of the area.

What an interesting correlation as Kesner and his brother are using their musical talents to help influence today's culture!

My best to Kesner.

Please welcome him to Ubernamez!

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