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Edward and Andrea... "You own a what?!?!"

From time to time I meet amazing people whose story just needs to be told. Edward and Andrea definitely fall into that category!

This fine couple is from St. Louis, Missouri where Edward owns and operates a heating and cooling business. They are hard working folk who love the outdoors and dream of spending more time in both Florida and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Edward loves being near the water and he is a huge fan of lighthouses. He enjoys the history, beauty, and architecture...and, as a bonus, lighthouses are in close proximity to water!

Several years ago while reading a "coastal" magazine he learned that the United States government was deactivating and liquidating many of it's lighthouses.

Intrigued, he began searching for a potential purchase.

During this investigation he found that the Roundhouse Island Passage Lighthouse, near Makinac Island, Michagan was going to the auction block.

It was in a perfect location!

In 2014 Edward and Andrea placed the winning bid and became the proud owners of a lighthouse!!!

My immediate reaction was, "You own a what?!?!?"

Some day they plan to convert it into a restful bread and breakfast retreat.

If you would enjoy learning more about Edward's lighthouse, copy the following link.

Who knows, maybe one day you may visit and spend the night as their special guest!

Please welcome Edward and Andrea to Ubernamez!

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