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Tobermory... a chef in the making!

Two of my recent passengers were a father and son traveling from Boston and en route to Siesta Key. They were meeting with other family members for a time of rest and relaxation in the Florida sun!

Entering the car, they introduced themselves as Adrian (the Dad) and Tobey (his 16 year old son).

During our lengthy trip I learned that Adrian was originally from England and now works in the field of bio-engineering. His company grows delicate skin grafts that are primarily used to assist patients who have been severely burned.

Like his dad, Tobey was also a person of great interest. He is the oldest of three brothers and plays soccer for his high school team in Massachusetts.

Tobey has an intense interest in the culinary arts and would like to pursue a career as a chef. He enjoys cooking for the family and often takes the responsibility of purchasing groceries and preparing meals. This past year Tobey took the initiative to create holiday feasts for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Although he considers sea food his favorite cooking genre and salmon his fish of choice, he hasn't lost the common touch. Specifically for his five year old brother, Tobey loves whipping up an awesomely delicious bowl of macaroni and cheese.

Eventually I asked about Tobey's name.

Fully expecting that his actual name would be Tobias, I was shocked to learn that it was, in fact, Tobermory!

Adrian explained that although he and his wife liked the name Tobey, his wife was NOT a fan of the name Tobias. So...Adrian, in jest, suggested an alternative...Tobermory!

This is the name of an iconic and colorful fishing village in Scottland AND also the name of a fictional creature that was introduced in a British "kids TV show" called The Wombles.

As they considered the's link to Adrian's heritage and it's uniqueness...the decision became final. Tobermory, AKA Tobey would be the name of their first-born son!

It was my pleasure to meet Adrian and Tobey, AND to learn about this awesome young man with an inspiring name! I look forward, some day, to dine at "Tobermory's Seafood Sensations" and enjoy a perfectly prepared Salmon dinner!

Welcome, Tobermory, to Ubernamez!

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