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Olimpia... the Italian version

Olimpia was a recent passenger that I picked up in downtown Fort Myers. The spelling of her name was very unique and it immediately sparked my curiosity.

She explained that the more traditional spelling, "Olympia", was Greek but her name was the Italian version.

When I asked if it was a family name, she excitedly shared the following story!

Her parents met at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. Theirs was the stereotypical college romance: handsome football quarterback falls in love with the beautiful, Italian freshman.

Olimpia's parents dated for about five years before getting married, both in their early 20's. They were excited about starting a family and her mom got pregnant right away. They opted NOT to know the gender of their little one but wanted it to be a surprise for everyone.

The name Forrest was selected if it were a boy, and Alexandra for a little girl.

When Olimpia was born her mother was overwhelmed with excitement and joy. She immediately suggested to name her Olimpia, after her own mother. Dad quickly and graciously agreed.

Leaving mother and baby girl in the hospital room, he went to the waiting room where many of his wife's Italian family members were awaiting the news. When he announced that it was a baby girl and that her name would be Olimpia, her family members broke down in tears rejoicing. "Oh that is so wonderful! And giving her her grandmother's name...Oh the joy!" To say the least, the family was absolutely ecstatic!

By the time Dad came back to his wife and daughter, the Mrs. was having second thoughts about the name and had decided to utilize the predetermined name, Alexandra. But, after hearing that the announcement was already made and the overwhelming response of her family, it was too late.

Their baby girl would now be Olimpia Alexandra!

Olimpia is originally from Western New York but earned her degree in marketing and business from Cleveland State University. She currently works for the Gartner Research Corporation but enjoys her hobby as singer, song writer, and musician in her free time.

It is my pleasure and delight to welcome Olimpia to the Ubernamez blog!

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