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Creighton... a very merry "unbirthday" to YOU!

I picked up Creighton and his business associate, Andrew, on Sanibel Island. They had been working in Fort Myers and were en route to the airport and back to the winter chill of New York.

Both men are employed by large company that provides staging and interior design for a variety of clients.

Creighton's career began in the warehouse, but eventually he proved his worth and creativity with a keen eye for selecting and hanging wall art. He's been with company now for four years.

Born in New Jersey, Creighton was named after one of his father's favorite horror actors, Creighton Chaney, more commonly known by his stage name, Lon Chaney.

His unique name is an old Scottish and Irish name that combines the words "rock" and "farm". It is most likely indicative of the region's topography. Creighton's bushy red beard and joyful countenance seemed to connect him, quite naturally, to the Scottish Isles.

Not only does Creighton have a special name, but he was also born on the most obscure date on the calendar, February 29th! That's right...Creighton has a leap year birthday that only occurs every four years!

He explained that on "off" years he celebrates his birthday on March 1st, as not to interfere with his parents February 28th wedding anniversary.

Creighton currently lives in Long Island, New York. When he is not working, he enjoys music and playing the guitar.

It is my pleasure to welcome Creighton to Ubernamez!

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