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Aysha... living the "LIFE"!

Today I met a cheerful and enthusiastic passenger with an interesting name!

As she entered the car I immediately asked, "And do you pronounce your name "Asia" or "Ay-sha"? I was surprised when she exclaimed, "It's pronounced "eye-sha"!

She went on to explain that she is from Persian decent and that her name literally means "LIFE".

Wow! What a unique and beautiful name!

She also shared the interesting story of her last name, Fiaz.

Apparently, in her parents culture, people do not utilize a last name. But when they moved to the United States it was a requirement. Her parents created their last name by combining the first two letters of each of their fathers names. Thus, the "Fiaz" family came to be!

Although Aysha was born in the United States, she has had many opportunities to travel and live in a variety of cultures. These include Sweden, Argentina, Ireland, Nepal, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Florida.

Aysha is a graduate of Loyola University with a degree in Communications. She went on to receive two Masters degrees, one in Urban Planning and a second in Hospitality.

Although she has lived in SW Florida for less than one year, she is already making plans to relocate to Louisiana.

You've got a name to be proud of, Aysha, AND a contagiously enthusiastic attitude! Our best to you!

Welcome to Uber Namez!

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