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Didi... Double the JOY!

Didi (DeeDee) and her family will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Naples! Three years ago they purchased a home in SW Florida to escape the chilly Indiana winters. Today they are thankful to be enjoying the warm weather, beaches and sunshine!

(Pictured are Didi, Annie and Julia)

Didi is a youthful mother, homemaker and wife. She has three lovely daughters, Annie, Julia and Olivia.

Didi wasn't certain of her name's origin or meaning, but I was struck by the unique spelling.

The more common spelling of DeeDee has paradoxical meanings...broken-hearted, sorrowful, AND pleasure, delight, and divine.

"De" is often associated with pleasure or joy.

So, based on my delightful trip with Didi and her two daughters, I must conclude that her name most definitely means "double the joy"!

Have a very Joyous Thanksgiving and welcome to Uber Namez!

Note: Annie's real name is Angelica. She was named after her grandmother.

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