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Evelia... bringing "life" and encouragement to others!

One of my recent passengers was a young mother with her lovely daughter. They both had very interesting names, with even more interesting pronunciations!

Mom's name is Evelia (Ee-veel-ya; rhymes with Amelia). She was named after her mother, Eve, and her grandmother, Delia.

Originally from Chicago, Evelia moved to Florida as a child. She graduated from Fort Myers High and enjoys working with, and meeting new people.

She LOVES her job as an assistant manager of a 7-11 in Cape Coral! She commented, "It's personally rewarding to get to know and serve many regular customers."

When she has extra time Evelia uses her creative energies as a hair stylist. Although not professionally trained, she loves experimenting with color, braids, and extensions. She styles and colors her own hair! From time to time she is hired as a hair stylist for weddings, proms and other special occasions.

Evelia has always loved helping others! As a child and a young teen she regularly assisted with the care of her niece. More recently, Evelia invited a distressed friend to live with her until she could get back on her feet.

Helping and encouraging others has become her hallmark!

This only seems fitting as her name means "giver of life".

Because of her close relationship with her niece, she actually named her own daughter using a combination of Evelia and her niece's name, Arianna.

Her daughter is named Evieana (Eev-ee-ahna)!


It was my pleasure to meet Evelia and Evieana.

Welcome to Uber Namez!

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