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Halloween Photo Edition

While driving Uber last night I decided to take photos of passengers who dressed up for Halloween.

With Dixie Road House as the "hot spot" for great costumes, I took the roll of "man on the street". I invited some of the best dressed to join the Uber Namez Halloween Photo Edition.

Enjoy this gallery of creative Halloween costumes!

Rick and Unity (from Rick and Morty)

This couple was en route to the costume competition at Dixie Road House. I later found out that they failed to secure a number and were not considered for the contest.

They are definitely winners with Uber Namez!

The Creeper (from Jeepers Creepers)

This was not a mask but some amazing make up. He had the wings too!

Anna (from Frozen)

I met this young lady at her yard sale this past weekend. She recognized me as I was dropping off Rick and Unity.

Fred and Wilma (from the Flintstones)

The cop and robber!

It was obvious that this gal was dressed as a policewoman. And although he did not have a particular character in mind, I immediately suggested that he looked like a masked robber. They loved the idea and walked away a happy couple!

Captain Morgan (from Captain Morgan Spiced Rum)

Although I was not familiar with Captain Morgan, this fine young gentleman attempted a pose with his foot atop the rum barrel. (Google it!)

Master Chief (from Halo)

This costume was very impressive, and the gentleman was decked out from head to toe!

( fake weapons or knives were allowed at Dixie)

The Viking with his lovely partner, one of Santa's babies!

What a fun couple!

Colossus (from Deadpool)

This guy was MASSIVE and SILVER!

Definitely one of my favorite costumes!

Sho'nuff and ninja entourage (from the Last Dragon)

Slave Princess Leia, Assassin's Creed, and Kylo Ren

(from Star Wars and Assassin's Creed)

Captain Hook and his lovely wench!

I loved the "look" and enthusiasm of this couple. And although I quickly identified them as pirates, I did not notice his bionic arm.

When I asked who they were, he immediately held out his arm and exclaimed, "Captain Hook, of course!"

Jason (from Friday the 13th)

I had a nice chat with "Jason"...he's really a very pleasant fellow!

Mask from the Purge accompanied by Will Turner's wife (from the Purge and Pirate's of the Caribbean)

This was a very creepy clown with his lovely assistant.

(In reality just a fun loving, enthusiastic couple)

Poison Ivy and Olaf (from Batman and Frozen)

Freddie Krueger and Michael Myers (from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween)

Michael Myers is actually an old neighbor of mine named James. He immediately recognized me and introduced me to his lovely wife (Freddie). It was a pleasure to reconnect!

Two brothers in the faith...possibly monks.

These two fine gentlemen did not speak English but they were looking plenty pious and agreed to join us on Uber Namez!

Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

These ladies were so excited that I immediately recognized their characters! But, isn't it obvious...the red cape and wolf ears were a dead give away!

A witch, Morticia Addams, a cannibal man and King Tut

This was a fun quartet, definitely enjoying the festivities at Dixie Road House!

This is Wanderley (pronounced Vonderly) dressed as a police officer. He was a Halloween partier who will soon be highlighted in his own Uber Namez blog!

Alysia will also have her own blog. She is dressed as Rapper Kodac Black and joined by two friends.

Thank you so much for everyone who participated in this special Halloween Photo Edition of Uber Namez.

Thanks for sharing your creativity and enthusiasm with our audience!

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