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Ola... more than a Spanish greeting!

Recently I met three amazing tourists from Sweden!

And although Southwest Florida was still recovering from Hurricane Irma, they were determined to follow through with their long-awaited "holiday".

With piles of debris along the roads and many businesses and attractions closed, their enthusiasm, excitement and optimism won the day!

The Uber request was placed by Ola, and his name immediately caught my attention. As we made introductions he stated that "Ola is more than just a Spanish greeting!" This Scandinavian name is a form of Olaf and means a "relic" or "ancestor".

My interest increased as he shared that his last name was Petersson. That's amazing, because MY last name is also Peterson! (Some of my ancestors came from Sweden.) Who knows? I could be meeting a long lost relative!

Olaf told an interesting story about his great-great grandfather. Apparently as a young man, he and a friend left Sweden for adventures in America. It was rumored that the two became notorious bank robbers. And although no one knows for certain, he did return to Sweden, alone, with just the clothes on his back and one large suitcase filled with money!

Olaf and his friends, Caroline and Emelie met at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden.

All three have degrees in engineering!

Olaf is a software engineer and Caroline is a chemical engineer. She works for the Volvo corporation testing engine emissions.

Emelie is also a chemical engineer. She works in a field that is most unusual and yet needful. Her expertise is utilized in the diaper industry! (As the father of eleven children, my wife and I are definitely grateful!)

It was my pleasure and delight to meet and serve these fine young tourists. Enjoy your time in Southwest Florida and welcome to Uber Namez!

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