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Arroya... Can I please see your ID?

Arroya was a very pleasant and sociable passenger!

As we began a friendly conversation she surprised me by saying that other Uber drivers typically didn't speak to her during a trip. This made her feel very awkward and uncomfortable, and she seemed genuinely grateful to enjoy some dialogue.

Born and raised in Fort Myers, Arroya was a graduate of Island Coast High School and now works at Lee Memorial Hospital. This was a surprise to me as she looked so young. I originally thought that she was a junior high student, but she's actually 21!

She admitted that her youthful appearance can sometimes be a bit embarrassing as she never fails to have her identification verified. She is very used to hearing. "Can I please see your ID?"

When asked about her unique name, she started at the very beginning. She explained that her mother actually learned of her pregnancy through a dream. As the time for her birth drew closer and she contemplated a name, God gave her the name Arroya!

Although Arroya did not know a specific meaning of her name, I believe that it can mean a stream or a brook.

This seems very appropriate as water is life giving, and Arroya plans to eventually become a surgical assistant...helping to save lives!

It was my pleasure to meet this fine young lady and welcome her to Uber Namez!

(BTW...Are you even old enough to have an Uber account?!?!)

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