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Bo... "My name is what?!?!"

On my first night of driving, after Hurricane Irma, an Uber request came from "Bo".

In and of itself this name is not uncommon, especially in a southern state like Florida. But the story behind the name was so fun that I HAD to invite Bo to the Uber Namez blog.

As Bo explained it, his mother wanted to name him Travis and his father wanted the name Bo.

As a compromise, he was named Travis but with the understanding that they would actually call him Bo.

This agreement seemed to be working quite well, with one one ever relayed this information to Bo.

On his first day of Kindergarten the teacher was taking a roll call of her class. Each student would respond by saying, "Here!" when their name was called.

When his teacher called for Travis Curtis, Bo did not respond. But he was excited to know that their was another boy in his class with the same last name!

After calling each name she asked if there were anyone in the room whose name had not been called, and to come to her desk. Bo introduced himself and then was sent to the office to determine which class he was assigned to.

There in the principal's office it was revealed that he was, in fact, Travis Curtis!

And for all these early years he thought his name was Bo Curtis. He didn't know that his real name was actually Travis!

Arriving at school for first grade, he was better prepared. When his teacher called for Travis Curtis he quickly responded, "Here!", but quickly explained, "But I go by Bo!" His teacher asked, "And how do you spell that?" "B-O!" he excitedly answered, as the entire class went wild with laughter.

(FYI...the letters B-O can indicate a person with foul Body Order)

That was the last time he made that mistake.

Each year from then on he would privately introduce himself to new teachers: "My name is Travis Curtis but I go by's spelled B-O."

Mr. Travis Curtis, aka Bo, was born and raised right here in Southwest Florida and owns and operates two on-line businesses.

Thanks, Bo, for sharing this fun story with Uber Namez!

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