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Ihasha... Extinct Indian Clan

One of my recent passengers had a very unique and interesting name. I knew from the start that I would invite him to join the Uber Namez blog!

Ihasha (Ee-hash-a) explained that his name was that of an extinct Indian clan. As I researched this name, it seems that this particular clan was most prominent in the mid-west, including Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and the Dakotas.

The name Ihasha literally means "red lips".

In connection to his mother's Native American heritage, Ihasha's parents chose to give their children names of Indian tribes or clans. Ihasha has a sister named Calusa, after a tribe from Southwest Florida!

As a young man of 19 years, Ihasha went through some difficult challenges. Within a short time-span his world began falling apart, as he lost both his job and his girlfriend. The future was looking bleak. He made a bold decision to hitchhike the country, and found his way from Florida to New York and then west to the Four Corners Monument where Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico meet.

As the dust eventually settled, Ihasha came back to Florida and completed a bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida. He then continued his studies in Australia where he earned an advanced degree in English.

Ihasha is currently a professor at Florida Southwestern State College where he teaches Creative Writing and English Composition. His former students describe him as both "hilarious" and "a tough grader". (See photos depicting each of these traits.)

Ihash is married to a lovely biologist/photographer, Alexis, who works promoting conservation on Sanibel and Marco Islands.

Or, as Ihasha describes her work, "My wife writes pamphlets."

But, I have no doubt this is a massive oversimplification of her responsibilities!

It was my pleasure to meet Ihasha and Alexis!

Welcome to Uber Namez!


1. Ihasha's entire name is extremely impressive...

Ihasha Stately Horn...WOW!!! AWESOME!!!

(Contact Ihasha's parents to name your children!)

2. Although I claim to possess no particular writing skills, I am curious what my grade might be on this blog post, from an actual English professor.'s probably best leave well enough alone!

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