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Rebecca...Os-trigonum syndrome

Rebecca was a recent passenger with an interesting story and an unusual medical condition.

Orignially from Long Island, NY she has lived in Florida for about 6 years. She has a boyfriend, Zach, and a two year old daughter named Zoey Bree.

Last year Rebecca was in a freak auto accident.

She was in the front passenger seat, wearing no shoes, and with her foot up on the dashboard.

(I know...doesn't sound good, does it!)

Upon impact, her foot went right through the windshield! It didn't seem to be a major problem until she pulled her foot out of the shattered glass. That's when her ankle was severely cut by a jagged shard of glass.

Although it took some time for her injuries to heal, she's back on her feet and thought that all was well. But there was a pain that persisted. When she finally went to a doctor she was diagnosed with a unique, and often unknown, congenital abnormality. It's called os-trigonum syndrome and is pain caused by a small extra bone in the back of the foot.

Most people with this extra bone are not even aware of it. Typically athletes and dancers are effected by os-trigonum. To get the full motion of the foot, the bone must be surgically removed.

SO...please keep your feet on the floorboards whenever you are in a vehicle! (Ubers included) It is dangerous to have your feet on the dashboard or out the window!

AND...if you ever have a strange, persistent pain in the back of your foot, you just might have an extra little bone that is causing the discomfort. It's called os-trigonum syndrome!

Note: Rebecca's daughter has a great name! Zoey means LIFE! One acronym that I really like is: Living Intentionally For Excellence!

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